What do we do now – swervenights

It has been pretty grim yesterday. Being from California and seeing the people’s dismay in the city has been rough. Nothing made my heart heavier than not hearing laughter at school, in downtown or at home. Yet this morning, everyone has a little kick in their step. People here are trying to be more polite and nicer. On the bus ride to school, people left bags on their laps to allow others to sit by them regardless of race, social class or trope. Even acts of helping others by opening the doors for them when their hands are full. People are taking their frustration from complaints and outcries, which understandably are justified, but now there seems to be a push to keep the flame going.

This flame is the hopes and dreams of the youth that want to see a better tomorrow. It is the hope that people will try to be more empathetic. It is the yearning that people who were given a bad toss of the coin WILL make it out of their situations. It is the call to action of the youth to begin to take leadership in their communities, cultural and social. Now I am writing this not because I can state the obvious that is seen on the news and social media, but because I hope that people do not let this cease after the week is finished. I hope that everyone can keep this flame burning onto the next generations. Because what is about to happen has only begun, and so has the fight.

A quote that I will always hold dearly is a line from the film End of Evangelion, which states, “make your reality your dreams.” Last week I spoke with a friend about people fearing reality, therefore escaping into various entertainment mediums to fill the void. Yet in order to fill a void, one must act. This quote flips the American Dream saying that, “one can make their dreams reality” but by placing the subject to act, it becomes accessible for everyone to do. Make your reality your dream. It is up to everyone to make this reality we are facing as of Tuesday night, into what we actually want to see. We cannot fear what is to come, when we still have voices to fight for what we individually want to see.

This is going to be hard for me to try to do, and I can only imagine how it would be living in a world where the thought of progress is scary. But I will try. Fear should never be our motivation to act, wanting something better should be the fuel. I cannot comprehend the injustice people are already feeling, for now I send love, prayers and support.

To end this: “If something is precious to you, it’ll never disappear.” So whenever the fog clears up a bit for you, stay wonderful.


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