Thundercat: The Sight to See

I went to the Observatory venue to see Thundercat after the release of the album Drunk.  It was nothing short of an amazing show full of vibrant energy. The first time I went to see Thundercat in concert was after the release of the album Apocalypse. I had been captivated by the brilliant sounds of the bass guitar and the layers of synths from his music. When I heard the Los Angeles local had a show, I quickly got tickets to witness the show. As a new fan, I was not ready for what was in store. As I entered the Echoplex venue, managing to sneak to the front with my friends, at the first hit of the drummer’s snare, I was frozen in shock for what I was about to experience.

Thundercat defies what it means to watch live music. Watching live music is a special treat, but in the age of artists performing over a DJ or back up track, there is a component of that personal touch that live instrumentation can only provide. Thundercat and his group Dennis Hamm (keyboardist) and Justin Brown (drummer) lay their musicianship on the stage and let it shred. Between solos and driving into the next song, the energy is always high. The dynamic of the three shakes the stage and it is easy for it to resonate with the audience.

Thundercat at the Santa Ana Observatory – photo by Ben Sanchez

What makes Thundercat amazing is that he is relatable. A memorable moment for me was when the group began to perform the single Friend Zone off of the album Drunk. Instead of singing the line “Because I’d rather play Mortal Kombat anyway” Thundercat ad-libs “I’d rather play Tekken 7 anyways” since the release for the next title of the fighting game series is soon. This is just one of the many things that Thundercat does to relate to people from all subcultures. Thundercat is the bridge to many genres like rock, punk, hip hop and jazz. His style of music exposes people who may have been fans of one to explore the other, which is only natural with how music is progressing in the internet age. One thing is true, Thundercat is a sight to see, not just once but forever.

If you can, make sure to check out Thundercat live!

Follow the group: Stephen “Thundercat” BrunerDennis HammJustin Brown

Photo by: Ben Sanchez

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