Mecha’s Musings: Why I Love Shelter

First things first, if you haven’t watched Shelter yet, you can watch it here Shelter!.

Go watch it, cry, watch it again and then come back.

Alright, are we all caught up? Good. Now let me go into depth as to why I absolutely love everything about Shelter the Animation and why I have been so feverishly recommending people to watch it. Personally, I think it’s the best looking thing A-1 Pictures have made this year. When I first watched it, I was entranced by the absolutely beautiful landscapes that were created by A-1 and the incredible animation used to portray natural movements in the environment itself. Instead of outsourcing to other studios, they decided to stay in-house for this project and had Idolm@ster Key Animator Megumi Kouno doing many of the key frames and was the head of animation for this project, and I couldn’t think of a better fit. Every frame is precise, beautifully animated, and purposeful and I honestly thought I would never see something like that from A-1. Alongside the flawless animation, the sheer beauty of the landscapes(which almost looked like something out of a Makoto Shinkai film), paired with the vast emptiness really accentuated Rin, the main character’s, lonely existence.

Going away from the anime aspect of it, I thought that the music in it was excellent as well. Porter Robinson and Madeon really know how to make some good music. As an EDM fan, I can appreciate the music, but digging deeper you can find a profound connection with the song and the music video. The song can be interpreted as a letter from Porter and Madeon about their long time friendship with each other and their commitment to the long and hard journey of being music artists and that despite anything that happens, even if they never collaborate again, even if they part from this life, they will never be alone, due to not only having each other’s friendship, but also having the support and love of their fans. Some parallels can be drawn here comparing the relationship Porter, Madeon, and their fans have to Rin and her father. As the music video goes on, Rin becomes aware of the fact that she never truly was alone and never will be. Her very life is evidence of her father’s love for her, and even though the world may be empty and lonely, she knows that she will never be. Her father will always be watching over her, until the day she shuffles off her mortal coil as well, at which point she will see him again. This fact gives her life meaning, as her life and her happiness was given to her by her father, who sacrificed everything for her. It gives her hope that she will always be loved. The message behind the video is one of hope and  one of an unbreakable love. It’s a simple, yet beautiful message, and one that resonates with me on a personal level.

Another reason I love Shelter is the very conception of it. This all started off with Porter Robinson’s passion for anime and for the anime industry. He followed that passion through and made something beautiful. I am a big time supporter of people following their dreams and allowing their passions to take them to new heights. Which is exactly what Porter did with this animation project. He had an idea, a small seed, and he nurtured it and watched it grow. I think it’s very inspiring to see someone be so involved in the creative process behind something like this, and it really shows off how much he really did care about this short film. I think that he is an inspiration not only to artists, but to people everywhere. You shouldn’t be afraid to chase your passions and you should do so with all your heart and soul.

To me, Shelter is an absolute masterpiece of an anime. I know not many people will agree with this, but I honestly think that. It takes beautiful animation, music I enjoy, and a very heart touching and profound message, and wraps it all up in a 6 minute emotional ride that I would take again any day. Thank you, Porter Robinson. You did good.

Thanks for reading,



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